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1 Kilogram Pure Gold Bars

1 Kilogram Pure Gold Bars
1 Kilogram Pure Gold Bars
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Product Description sells 1 kilo Gold Bars of recognized and widely-traded hallmark brands. Among the most common are Engelhard, Johnson Matthey, Credit Suisse, and PAMP Suisse. Many of these Gold bars are stamped with the exact weight and fineness, and an individual serial number that is exclusive to you. 

1 kilo Gold is not a standard or typical size that many people are accustomed to. Many people ask in terms of Precious Metals how many ounces are in a kilogram. 1-kilogram equals 1000 grams, which is approximately 32.15 troy ounces. While this is a unique size, it is one that is popular with people around the world because the amount of Gold you get in one purchase. These sizes are rarely found and used in terms of Gold bars and Gold bullion. Its value is held not just in the fine quality but its weight and size.  

1 kilo Gold bars offer a unique size to investors, but it also provides a highly valued and popular Gold bullion bar that is made by some of the most reputable manufacturers around the world. There is tremendous value with these 1 kilo Gold bars, and you can own one today. 

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