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2018 1/4 oz Gold American Eagle

2018 1/4 oz Gold American Eagle
2018 1/4 oz Gold American Eagle
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Product Description is proud to offer yet another variant from this year’s American Gold Eagle lineup of coins – the 2018 ¼ oz American Gold Eagle Coins. Every annual release is a momentous event, as collectors and investors eagerly rush to grab the latest releases in this decades-long series. The designs on the coins are a tribute to the images that were used on the Double Eagle Coins, originally struck in 1907. 

Each of these coins contains ¼ troy ounces of 0.9167 pure gold and carries a face value of $10 (USD). Since the United States Government considers these coins as legal tender in the country, this face value is guaranteed by the government.

The Liberty design featured on the obverses of these coins is nothing short of a masterpiece. Originally designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, this image highlights Lady Liberty striding towards you, with the capitol building and the sun in the background – while clutching an olive branch and a torch.

On the other hand, the reverses showcase Miley Busiek’s rendition of a family of Eagles. An adult Eagle is seen soaring above its nest, as the rest of its chicks and mate look at it expectantly. This side also bears the name of the issuing country, the purity and weight of the gold used in the coin, and the coin’s face value. 

Snag the 2018 ¼ oz American Gold Eagle Coins minted at the US Mint and add them to your personal collection or precious metals investment portfolio.