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Making Gold and Silver Purchases in Wisconsin

As the 20th most populous state in the nation, Wisconsin in 2016 boasted a population of 5,754,798. As the 23rd largest state by area, the Wisconsin has a total area of 65,496.38 square miles.

Geographically, the state of Wisconsin is bounded by two bodies of water: Lake Michigan to the east and Lake Superior to the north. States that border Wisconsin include Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. The state also boasts a significant amount of diversity, in both ethnicity and geography.

For example, thanks to an influx of settlers from Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries, Wisconsin possesses a large German and Scandinavian heritage. Geographically, the state has been formed by the influence of glaciers, which have left it with no fewer than five separate geographic areas, including highlands, lowlands, and the forest-marked Driftless Area.

Wisconsin’s economy was founded on dairies, and it is still currently one of the most prolific producers of dairy in the country, so much so that it has earned the nickname “America’s Dairyland.”

In addition to producing large quantities of milk and cheese, Wisconsin possesses a strong manufacturing sector, as well as industries in the growth of cranberries and ginseng, as well as a strong IT industry and a strong tourism industry.

Wisconsin has a strong music presence, including several music festivals, such as Summerfest, called “The World’s Largest Music Festival.” The state is also known for its alcohol consumption and embraces the “cheese heads” moniker given to its residents because of its propensity for making cheese.

Sales Tax on Gold and Silver in Wisconsin

Currently, Wisconsin does not have any exemptions from sales tax for purchases of gold and silver, including purchases of numismatic collectibles, coins, and currency. Instead, these purchases are all subject to the state sales tax of 5%.

Even bullion, which is sometimes exempt from the sales tax in other states, is considered “tangible property” in Wisconsin and is, therefore, subject to the state sales tax.

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