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Making Gold and Silver Purchases in West Virginia

As the 38th most populous state in the United States, West Virginia boasted a 2016 population of 1,831,102. As the 41st-largest state, it has an area of 24,229 square miles. West Virginia is uniquely located, crossing from Appalachia to the Southeastern United States and the MidAtlantic States. It is bounded by Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Despite its relatively small size, however, the state boasts a diverse and booming economy, a large tourism industry, and abundant natural resources that make it stand out among other states. West Virginia also has a unique history.

Formed in 1861 as a group of counties that separated from Virginia because of the Civil War, it is the only state to separate from a Confederate state, as well as one of only two states to join the Union during the Civil War.

Since its creation, West Virginia has thrived economically. The state produces a large amount of coal, enough to place it second in producing this natural resource in the nation.

Sales Tax on Gold and Silver in West Virginia

West Virginia levies a sales tax of 6% on all purchases within the state. Thanks to a lack of exemptions to this tax, every precious metal purchase is subject to the state sales tax (and applicable local taxes of up to 1 additional percent). As a result, all coins, bullion, rounds, and more are subjected to the state sales tax.

Local Gold and Silver Dealers in West Virginia

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