Making Gold and Silver Purchases in South Carolina

Located in the Southeastern section of the United States, South Carolina is the easternmost state of the Deep South.

North Carolina borders the state to the north, while the east sits on the Atlantic Ocean and Georgia borders the south. South Carolina was the eighth state to ratify the U.S. Constitution in 1788 as well as the first state to secede from the Union in 1860. With a population of just over 5 million, South Carolina was named after King Charles I of England, since Carolus is Latin for Charles.

South Carolina has three distinct geographical regions, the first being the Atlantic coast area (known as the Low Country), the second being the Piedmont area near the middle-western part of the state, and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the western part of the state.

South Carolina has an important place in history, especially as it relates to the American Civil War. Hostilities officially began as Confederate soldiers began shelling Union-held Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor after Union soldiers refused to leave. Well after the end of the Civil War, South Carolina was not readmitted back into the Union until 1868, three years after the war had ended.

In the 20th century, South Carolina developed its textile industry and transitioned from cotton to other agricultural products. In addition, the state began growing its tourism industry and became home to large military bases.

Today, South Carolina has a thriving visual and performing arts community and features top destinations for golf and water sports. Although it does not have a major league professional sports team, the Carolina Panthers, located in North Carolina, does have training facilities in the state.

Sales Tax on Gold and Silver in South Carolina

There is a sales tax exemption for gold, silver or platinum bullion – or any combination of this bullion – in the state of South Carolina. In addition, coins that are, or have been, legal tender in the U.S. or other jurisdictions, as well as currency, are exempt.

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