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Making Gold and Silver Purchases in Oregon

A truly unique state, Oregon, as the ninth largest and 27th most populous state in the nation, is bounded by several bodies of water. These bodies of water include the Pacific Ocean on the west, making the state one of only three in the nation to possess Pacific Ocean coastline.

In addition, the state is bounded by the Columbia River on the north and the Snake River on the east. Its 4 million residents, including those in its capital, Salem (population 164,549), and largest city, Portland (population 632,309), enjoy a geographically diverse landscape that includes forests and deserts, bodies of water, and even volcanoes (the state’s highest point, Mount Hood, also happens to be a volcano).

The state’s incredible natural environment includes a state park that surrounds Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the nation. One of the state’s most unique natural occurrences is the growth of a 2,200-acre underground fungus that is the largest organism in the world. In addition to its natural beauty and individuality, Oregon also demonstrates diversity in its economy.

Long known for its production of timber, blueberries, and hazelnuts (the state produces 95 percent of the nation’s hazelnuts), the state now also boasts strong technology and tourism industries.

Tourism focuses largely on Oregon’s natural features, such as its state park, waterfalls, caves, and volcanoes, as well as on its breweries (particularly those located in Portland), museums, and food (again, particularly the food in Portland). One of the state’s largest employers is Beaverton-based Nike. Oregon is also known for its cranberry and wine production. Politically, the state is extremely liberal.

Sales Tax on Gold and Silver in Oregon

Oregon has no sales tax on any purchase. As a result, any purchase of silver, gold, or other precious metal, including coins, bars, rounds, bullion, and collectible items, carries no sales tax requirement. The lack of a sales tax makes the state an attractive place to buy silver and gold and allows dealers to sell their items at affordable prices.

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