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Making Gold and Silver Purchases in Oklahoma

As the 28th most populous state in the nation, Oklahoma boasted a 2016 population of 3,923,561. The state is also the 20th-largest in the United States. Completely landlocked, Oklahoma is bounded by Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.

The state is known for its natural gas and oil production, ranking third in the nation for natural gas production and fifth for the production of crude oil.

Oklahoma does not rely entirely on natural gas and oil for its economic success, however. The state’s economy is also driven by a diversity of industries, including aviation, energy, transportation, and agriculture. The state’s production of wheat is fifth in the nation.

Sales Tax on Gold and Silver in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has a state sales tax of 4.5%. However, there are exceptions to this tax that impact sales of gold, silver, coins, and precious metals.

In particular, the state’s stated exceptions to the sales tax are for any sale of precious metal, bullion, coins, bars, and legal currency. The state further defines bullion as any precious metal whose value is based on the content of the precious metal that it consists of.

Local Gold and Silver Dealers in Oklahoma

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