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Making Gold and Silver Purchases in New York

The great state of New York is a vibrant and robust one with a population of 19.8 million people that reside across the state’s 54,555 square miles. The capital of this state is Albany and is recognized for many attributes such as its intriguing history and heavy involvement in culture. It is a city that boasts of beautiful architecture. Albany is highly appreciated for its higher education institutions.

While Albany is definitely one of the amazing cities to both live in and visit, many other cities make up this state that has gained worldwide recognition—such as New York City. Much of the recognition comes to this city as it is the most populated city throughout the United States, earning it the title of being a megacity. With New York City being as populated as it is, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are over 800 languages spoken here, making it the most linguistically diverse city worldwide.

With all of the hustle and bustle that goes on in New York, the weather is of keen interest to most. Data compares it to the South Pole when it comes to snow estimating that New York City only gets about 15% more snow that the South Pole does.

Another fascinating and intriguing piece of trivia about this city is that which relates to Albert Einstein. There were many notable facts about this genius such as in 1953 when Einstein allowed the use of his name to be attached to a medical building that was to be built. No medical building had been built in NYC since 1897.

But there is something else that is most intriguing with Professor Einstein and the city of New York. It is the fact that his eyes are stored in a safety deposit box within the city. Although this may sound strange, it is not uncommon for various body parts of the famous to be preserved in the Big Apple (a fond nickname for New York City).

Sales Tax on Gold and Silver in New York

The state of New York imposes a 4% sales tax. This can vary depending on where one buys their gold or silver. For example, in New York City it can amount to as much as 8.876%. Any precious metals purchased for $1,000 or more is exempt from sales tax as it is classed as an investment.

Local Gold and Silver Dealers in New York

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