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Making Gold and Silver Purchases in Nebraska

With a 2015 population of 1,896,190 and a square mileage of 77,220, Nebraska boasts a rich agricultural economy and a diverse climate.

As the only triply landlocked state in the nation, residents must travel through three states to reach either the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean.

The state is split, both into two time zones (Mountain and Central Time) and geographically (including the rolling hills of the Dissected Till Plains and the wide-open prairies of the Great Plains).

Sales Tax on Gold and Silver in Nebraska

Nebraska imposes a state sales tax of 5.5% on most purchases, with local areas adding taxes of up to 2 additional percent. However, Legislative Bill 867 exempts currency and bullion from these taxes.

In particular, bullion is defined as items whose value depends upon the precious metal it contains, while currency is anything that can or has in the past been recognized as legal tender.

Local Gold and Silver Dealers in Nebraska

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