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Making Gold and Silver Purchases in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is the most heavily populated state in New England. Although it covers more than 10,500 square miles, almost 80 percent of its population lives in its capital city of Boston and the surrounding area.

The state has an active services economy, with thriving education, technology, engineering, finance, and maritime trade sectors. European immigrants had settled in the state since 1620 when the town of Plymouth was founded. Massachusetts has excellent public services like education and has been ranked as one of the happiest places to live in the United States.

However, the cost of living is also higher than almost anywhere else in the country. In the 21st century, the state is a global leader in technology as well as many other industries. The population of the state continues to grow for a number of reasons; international immigration is one of these. Boston is growing especially quickly, further increasing the city’s racial diversity.

Massachusetts is also home to a huge number of colleges and universities – 121 institutes of higher education in total. Many of these fall within the category of Ivy League universities, including MIT and Harvard, which is the oldest university in the United States. Massachusetts also has a major agricultural economy, producing apples and sweet corn as well as the second-highest volume of cranberries in the country, after Wisconsin.

Sales Tax on Gold and Silver in Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts does not impose a sales tax on sales of gold or silver bullion or rare coins that total at least $1,000. This does not include artistic, professional, or industrial coins, but only authentic gold and silver coins or bullion.

While this is good news for many collectors, it targets those who want to receive paper legal tender in exchange for gold and silver, as these sales are usually made in smaller increments.

Local Gold and Silver Dealers in Massachusetts

If you are interested to start investing in precious metals in Massachusetts, stop by our directory to find the best shops in different cities throughout the state.

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