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Making Gold and Silver Purchases in Maine

Maine is one of the six states located in the northeastern United States region known as New England. With an area of 35,385 square miles, the state is the 12th smallest by area.

Its population of 1,335,907 (2017 est.) makes it #42 in U.S. state population rankings. Maine is at the most easterly point of the continental U.S.A., with the Atlantic to the south and east. To its north is Canada, while New Hampshire lies to the west.

Sales Tax on Gold and Silver in Maine

Sales and use taxes in Maine are levied at a rate of 5.5%. This rate prevails throughout the state since cities and counties do not charge any local taxes.

Sales and use taxes apply to all purchases of gold bullion, currency, and legal tender comprised of gold, silver, or any precious metal. There are no exemptions, regardless of the size, shape, or amount of bullion purchased in a given transaction.

Local Gold and Silver Dealers in Maine

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