Making Gold and Silver Purchases in Iowa

Iowa is a state in the Midwestern United States, situated in the watersheds of Missouri and the Big Sioux River. Nicknamed the “Hawkeye State”, Iowa’s regular designation is derived from the name of certain Native Americans, the Ioway.

Inhabiting a total area of around 56,272.81 square miles, the state’s population, estimated at 3,145,711 in 2017, gives it a population density of around 55 persons per square mile.

The Territory of Iowa was established on July 4, 1838. Some six years later, on December 28, 1846, it became the 29th state to join the Union. Iowa is famed as the state in which the first caucus of the 4-year presidential cycle is held.

Sales Tax on Gold and Silver in Iowa

Currently, the Iowa state sales tax rate is 6%. However, local taxes can add up to 2%. Sales of coins, currency and bullion are exempt from tax.

"Bullion" is defined as ‘bars, ingots, or commemorative medallions of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, or a combination of these where the value of the metal depends on its content and not the form’ and ‘coins’ or ‘currency’ are defined as a coin or currency made of gold, silver, or other metal or paper which is or has been used as legal tender.”

Local Gold and Silver Dealers in Iowa

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