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Making Gold and Silver Purchases in Idaho

Large but not very populated, Idaho has a population of 1.7 million people within a square mileage of 83,569. The state is the 14th largest in the nation, but only the 12th least populous and 7th least densely populated.

It sits further north than many people might expect: It shares a small part of its border with the Canadian province of British Columbia. Other neighbors include Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Washington, and Oregon. Idaho became the 43rd state in the nation in 1890. The state enjoys geographic diversity.

For example, it is split into the Idaho Panhandle, which uses the Pacific Time Zone; the Snake River Plain, and the Great Basin. Besides the Idaho Panhandle, Idaho uses the Mountain Time Zone.

Idaho is also known for its mountains since part of the Rockies run through the state. Idaho enjoys a robust agricultural economy. In particular, the state produces one-third of the nation’s potatoes, as well as all three types of wheat. Idaho also specializes in food (particularly cheese) processing, manufacturing, lumber, and tourism.

Sales Tax on Gold and Silver in Idaho

Idaho’s state sales tax of 6% does not apply to a variety of precious metal purchases. In particular, Idaho Statute 63-3622V exempts both “precious metal bullion” and “monetized bullion.”

Precious metal bullion is defined as any refined precious metal whose value depends upon its precious metal content, while monetized bullion is defined as any coin that can be used as legal tender in any country.

Local Gold and Silver Dealers in Idaho

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