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Making Gold and Silver Purchases in Hawaii

Hawaii is a natural paradise and an entirely unique state within the nation. Incorporated as the 50th state in 1959, Hawaii is also the only state to be part of the geographic region known as Oceania and the sub-region within Oceania known as Polynesia.

The state consists of hundreds of islands, including eight of the largest and most primary islands. The largest island in the state is also named Hawaii and nicknamed “The Big Island.”

Thanks to its numerous islands, Hawaii enjoys 750 miles of coastline, the fourth-longest coastline in the United States.

Sales Tax on Gold and Silver in Hawaii

Instead of a sales tax that is paid by customers on purchases, Hawaii imposes a general excise tax (GET), which is a 4% (or, in the case of the island of Oahu, 4.5%) tax on a business’ gross sales. There are no exemptions for precious metal purchases.

However, although the GET is imposed on businesses, most businesses pass the GET onto their customers. As a result, those who buy gold, silver, and other precious metals in Hawaii can expect to pay the GET for the business in the form of surcharges on their purchases.

Local Gold and Silver Dealers in Hawaii

If you are interested in finding a gold and silver dealer in a particular location in Hawaii, check out our other local directory pages.

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