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Making Gold and Silver Purchases in Arizona

The great state of Arizona can be found in the Southwestern part of the United States. As of 2017, statistics show the population of Arizona to be at 7.016 million. The state capital is Phoenix and it is the largest city within the state.

Depending on where you are in Arizona, you will experience some variations in the standard weather conditions. For those that enjoy a desert environment, they will want to go to the Southern part of the state. For those who want to enjoy beautiful collections of trees and mountain ranges of the state, they will need to head off to the Northern sector.

The state is most proud of the Indian reservations that reside here, one-quarter of the state is made up of these. In total, there are 27 tribes that are formally recognized. Arizona is a well-known state and one that many people enjoy residing in, but it is also one that attracts a lot of visitors. It is also a state that has some interesting trivia to it.

For fishermen, the Arizona trout can only be found within this state. For those who have an interest in copper, they will find it interesting to learn that Arizona is the U.S. leader in copper production. When it comes to official status, the state bird is the cactus wren.

Sales Tax on Gold and Silver in Arizona

Arizona has enacted the statute 42-5061, which means consumers buying precious metal bullion or bullion that is monetized (coins, silver, other money manufactured from light gold, silver, or other metals) will not need to pay any sales tax.

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