Local Gold and Silver Dealers in Portland, OR

The largest city in Oregon, with a 2017 population of 647,805, Portland was named after its sister city on the other side of the country, Portland, Maine. Settled in the 1830s, the city is now the 26th-largest city in the nation and the second-largest in the Pacific Northwest.

Originally settled as a port city, Portland long thrived on transporting goods, and particularly timber, from the bustling state.

Today, the city is still a busy port, handling 13 million tons of cargo every year and serving as the largest shipper of wheat in the country. Other drivers of its economy include a steel industry, manufacturing industries, technology, and breweries.

Originally known as a dangerous place to live, Portland today ranks 42nd in the world for quality of living, according to Mercer, and the 10th best place to retire in the nation by CBS MoneyWatch. Its attractiveness includes its superior food, environmental consciousness, walkability, and extensive public parks and public transportation.

Sales Tax on Gold and Silver in Portland

Oregon tends to be a very popular location for the purchase of silver, gold, and other precious metal items. The reason is the lack of any type of sales tax on any type of purchase within the state. As a result, collectors and investors can purchase any gold and silver item, from coins to bullion to other collectibles, without paying a sales tax.

Local Gold and Silver Dealers in Portland

Alder Gold Exchange

Alder Gold Exchange’s inventory of bullion and collectible coins like American Eagles, Chinese Pandas, and South African Krugerrands can be accessed both in their brick and mortar store and online. They also purchase a variety of precious metals.

(503) 222-3492
121 SW Morrison Street
Portland, OR 97204

Columbia Coin Company

Columbia Coin Company’s more than 50 years of experience, and their status as one of the largest U.S. retail stores, allows them to offer a wide variety of domestic coins to customers, as well as supplies and appraisals.

(503) 223-6278
5048-B SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR 97215

Liberty Coin and Currency

Liberty Coin and Currency, a PCGS and NGC authorized dealer and a member of the American Numismatic Association, specializes in buying and selling both domestic and foreign coins.

(971) 229-1828
8555 SW Canyon Rd.
Portland, OR 97225

Portland Precious Metals and Coin

Portland Precious Metals and Coin buys and sells a wide range of precious metals. Their broad inventory, as well as their website pricing and selection, allow customers to choose from many different coins, including American Eagles, pre-1933 U.S. gold coins, silver rounds, and more.

(503) 320-1394
2409 SE 49th Ave.
Portland, OR 97206

The Coin Cottage

The Coin Cottage’s wide range of services, from eBay offerings to appraisals and coin searches, allow collectors and investors to find the right coin for their needs.

(503) 293-9400
3675 SW Troy St.
Portland, OR 97219

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