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Local Gold and Silver Dealers in Lincoln, NE

Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska, the second-largest city in the state, and the 71st-largest in the country. With a 2017 population of 284,736, it holds a prime location within a larger metropolitan area of more than 350,000 people.

Originally named Lancaster, the city was renamed when it became the capital of Nebraska in 1867. Today, Lincoln boasts the second-tallest capitol building in the United States, a large building designed by Bertram G. Goodhue.

Sales Tax on Gold and Silver in Lincoln

A sales tax of 5.5% applies to most purchases within Nebraska. However, the state’s Legislative Bill 867 exempts purchases of currency and bullion from this tax.

In particular, bullion is defined as a precious metal whose value comes from its precious metal content, while any type of legal tender counts as currency.

Local Gold and Silver Dealers in Lincoln

Elder Jewelry

Elder Jewelry has been owned by the Elder family since 1901. They buy and sell a variety of precious metals, coins, and bars and offer high prices for the items they purchase.

(402) 474-6044

3111 O St.

Lincoln, NE 68510

Lincoln Coin & Bullion, Inc.

Lincoln Coin & Bullion, Inc. buys and sells a wide variety of coins and precious metal items, including everything from certified and rare coins to paper currency and scrap metal.

3534 S 48th St. #4

Lincoln, NE 68506

Lyn-Co Stamps & Coins

An NGC authorized dealer, Lyn-Co Stamps & Coins, as their name implies, deals in a wide variety of coins, bullion, and stamps. Their inventory varies widely in price, and the store offers knowledgeable service.

(402) 464-8198

2641 N 48th St.

Lincoln, NE 68504

Randolph Jewelry & Loan

A pawn shop, Randolph Jewelry & Loan offers customers loans, trades, and the option of buying and selling a variety of coins and precious metal items. They also provide consultation services, estimates, and an ever-changing inventory that includes bullion and graded domestic coins.

(402) 475-1444

2700 Randolph St.

Lincoln, NE 68510

The Coinery

The Coinery provides friendly, knowledgeable service while buying and selling a variety of coins, currency, stamps, and collecting supplies.

(402) 489-2646

1265 S Cotner Blvd.

Lincoln, NE 68510

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