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Local Gold and Silver Dealers in Albany, NY

As the capital of New York, many visitors and residents put a lot of expectations on this city, which it is most capable of living up to. There are many assets that this city possesses such as its prominent history and it being the location for many diversified industries that include commerce and culture. It is the backbone of the State of New York as its capital district. The last census estimated the population to be 1.1 million.

There is a good selection of weather here to be enjoyed by both residents and visitors alike. Summers are warm and humid while winters bring significant snowfall. The city is comprised of many different neighborhoods with the downtown core being the oldest neighborhood of the city itself.

The area has plenty of greenery to be enjoyed with its 60 public parks along with its recreational areas. While there is plenty of amazing architecture to be enjoyed here most will say the Empire State Plaza is definitely a “must see”.

Sales Tax on Gold and Silver in Albany

For those who are not aware of the tax laws for the State of New York, there is a 4% sales tax. Then added to this will be an additional 4% sales tax levied by the city for a total of 8% sales tax. There may be some exemptions to this depending of what is being purchased and in what amounts.

For example, for those buying bullion in the amount of $1,000 or more may find that they do not have to pay tax. When making purchases from a quality coin dealer they will be able to offer advice as to where any exemptions are applicable to the sale.

Local Gold and Silver Dealers in Albany

William S. Pantich, Inc.

With thirty-seven years of experience, this has helped the company to compile an extensive inventory of products such as gold and silver bullion that they have acquired from other quality dealers. But that is not all they specialize in— as they have a fine collection of coins as well as paper money.

(518) 489-4400
3 Computer Drive West, Suite 122
Albany, NY 12205-1612

Olde Saratoga Coin

This dealer focuses on keeping a large selection of collectibles such as numismatic items and has a lot to offer those who are into the collection of coins and bars. For those looking for some additional items to help keep their collections organized they will be able to find it here.

For example, coin holders or slabs. This is a company that has been very successful in this industry since they went into business in 1979, where they have grown to operate three locations. (518) 452-0963
1593 Central Avenue
Colonie, NY 12205

Ferris Coin Co.

When a coin collector deals with a company that has been established since 1930, there are some great benefits to take advantage of. This is how long Ferris has been operating and they are able to offer their clients a great deal of expertise.

Ferris indicates they are not only the oldest coin dealer in the area but the biggest as well. They deal in items such as silver bullion, paper money and a few other items of interest.

(518) 274-2723
199 Wolf Road
Albany, NY 12205

Empire State Coin

Empire strives to be able to offer their services to the big and small coin collectors. They do so by being able to offer and buy collections of various sizes that include gold and silver coins, mint sets, silver dollar, and even paper money. They are proud to be able to offer what they feel are the best prices. This is a company that certainly knows this industry as they have been part of it since 1972.

1 Crossgates Mall
Albany, NY 12203
(518) 588-7007

Roman Jewels

Those that are familiar with Roman Jewels may recognize this company for its dealings in jewelry, but they also have lots to offer the coin enthusiasts including having a coin professional on staff that is ready, willing, and able to assist those who have an interest in coins.

(518) 459-6331
1190 Western Avenue
Albany, NY 12203

Thanks for reading our guide to buying gold and silver bullion and coins in Albany, NY. If you know of any other coin or bullion shops in the city of Albany, please contact us at so we can update our directory.