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World Gold Coin

Why You Should Buy World Gold Coins

Beyond American Gold Eagles and Canadian Maple Leaf’s, there are dozens of other gold coins produced by government mints from all over the world.

The most important key factor when it comes to any gold coin’s worth is its gold purity and weight. A facet of world gold coins that attracts investors and collectors to them is that their designs are like nothing most people have seen before and with depictions and inscriptions on the coins, it gives investors a chance to take home part of that country’s culture and history.

With superior gold content and some of the most unique designs around, world gold coins are a great choice for any serious collector or investor.

Buying World Gold Coins with

At, we carry a variety of gold coins from around the world. Here you will find world gold coins available for purchase from places like France, the Netherlands, and England.

No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find something you will love from every corner of the globe. makes it simple and convenient for buyers to find the precious metal bullion that fits their needs.

Shopping with a reputable online dealer like is choosing to do business with a respected company that you can trust.

Types of World Gold Coins

Because the coins produced in different countries around the world are inherently different from one another, their dimensions will be as well. Though most coins are roughly the same in size, there are exceptions.

Coins in the collection include the World Gold 20 Franc Rooster, Netherlands 10 Guilder Gold Coin, World Gold English Sovereign Queen Elizabeth, World Gold English Sovereign King, and the 2018 Gold World English Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II Coin.