Silver Maple Leaf Coins

What is the Canadian Maple Leaf?

The Canadian Maple Leaf is an important symbol for Canada, one which captures the quintessential Canadian maple trees that bring with them the delicious maple syrup most people import from Canada. The symbol can be found all over, but is also something unique to the Royal Canadian Mint.


Canadian Maple Leaf Design

The silver Canadian maple leaf coins are an affordable way for anyone to start investing in Precious Metals.  The Royal Canadian Mint produces the silver maple leaves. Silver Maples are known for having a very high silver content, .9999 fine silver.  The silver content is not the only thing that makes these coins appealing.  The beautiful Canadian maple leaf design works well with the Brilliance, reflective surface and for that reason produces an aesthetic appeal that is beautiful. The silver Maples are a wonderful way to invest in silver bullion and add to your collection as you invest.


Why buy the Canadian Maple Leaf coins?

Investing in the silver maple leaf coins is a wonderful financial decision because they hold their value when the market decreases. The price of silver is tied directly to the spot price which varies on a daily basis but is not tied to the performance of the stock market or other Financial indices.  This means that if the market takes a bad turn your investment in the silver maple leaf coins will stand strong. More importantly the general demand for silver maintains the high spot price which means that as technology or jewelry bolster the demand for silver, the value of your coins will increase.

Silver prices are impacted by industrial uses such as the energy sector. Silver is used in electrical contacts with lights, the electronics in cars, in certain medicines as an antimicrobial agent, even in microwave. This means that the demand for silver products is not going away anytime soon and your Canadian silver maple leaf coins stand to gain more value with each passing year. Choosing these coins to increase your portfolio and your coin collection is perfect as a newcomer or a seasoned investor.

You can also consider using them for your precious metals IRA. This IRA helps you to use the profits from your silver investments as part of your retirement plan. Canadian coins and any other silver coins with at least 99.9% Purity qualify for precious metals IRA’s


Why invest in silver metals?

More importantly, gold and silver both have an ever-increasing value because of a limited worldwide Supply. There is only so much that can be excavated from the earth. Once that maximum capacity has been reached there will be no more save for what is already in circulation. In fact, most of the coins that were minted in America prior to 1965 already had a 90% silver content. Most people aren't aware of this or the potential increase in value that owning coins can provide.  Consider that most quarters minted in the United States before 1965 were made from 90% silver content. If you invest now in 99.9% silver content Royal Canadian minted coins you can set yourself up for significant returns if you choose to liquidate.


History of the Canadian Maple Leaf

The Canadian maple has remained a staple design for the silver maple leaf coins since they were minted originally in 1988. There have been different designs for the silver coins such as commemorative editions but they all rely upon the simple Maple Leaf design as one of these distinctive trademarks. In fact the Royal Canadian Mint has heavily featured the distinctive mark on multiple series of coins. There are new Silver Maple Leaf coins that have gone into production for this year already. Newcomers to the world of coin investing or collecting can start their collection off the right way by getting the newest silver maple leaf for 2018 and working their way backwards.



When you collect coins like these they will gain value and if you decide at any point that you no longer want to collect coins or you are purposefully liquidating the coins you have you can enjoy price fluctuations and capitalize upon those fluctuations for metal such that you make back a significant return on your investment.

The rarity and the beauty of coins can make them well worth the money you spend. Certain coins might be something you keep for the rest of your life. When collecting coins the rarity, the Beauty, and the design are important attributes. Flawlessness, unique artwork, special Commemorative designs, and items that hold personal value for you are going to make coins all the more worth it.

With an unlimited budget you can purchase almost any coin but the real challenge is finding a coin that is a true steel, getting that premium down to the lowest possible price point and finding a modern day treasure. While you may not be fully immersed in the art of collecting coins you can learn a lot by studying the coins and their backgrounds. Unique coin designs have a lot to say about the politics, history, culture, and Society from which they come. For those who love and appreciate all that Canada has to offer, collecting this coin is a great way to show it.