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Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin

What Is the Canadian Maple Leaf?

The Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin is second in popularity only to the American Silver Eagle. Silver Maples are known for having a high silver content of .9999 fine silver. In fact, many believe that its higher silver content and finer design make it the most desirable silver coin on the market.

It is minted annually and is released by the Canadian government. This silver content combined with the beautiful Canadian maple leaf design enhances the reflective surface of the silver maple making these Canadian silver coins pleasing to the eye. Whether you live in Canada, the U.S., or somewhere else in the world, this coin will have the value of instant recognition. Silver Maples are a great way to invest in silver bullion while adding collectability to each investment.

Canadian Maple Leaf Design

The Canadian Maple has been the design for silver maple leaf coins since first minted in 1988. The obverse of the maple leaf is one of its most popular features. The maple leaf design is used as a distinctive privy mark on multiple series provided by the Royal Canadian Mint.

This reverse side of the coin depicts Queen Elizabeth II. Though there have been different silver coin designs for commemorative editions of the silver maple leaf, the Canadian maple has remained the main focus of the design. Though this placement alone will remain the same from issue to issue, there were some slight variations over time. These variations include a young, middle-aged, and older head version. In addition to the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the obverse also includes the year of issue and value of the coin, which is set at $5 Canadian.

On the reverse side of the maple leaf is an illustration of its namesake, a grand maple leaf in strong detail. This is the element of the coin that has made it so treasured in the world of silver coins. When you have one of these coins in your hand, the extreme detail will become immediately apparent and is one of the factors that separates it from other nationally minted coins.

Sizes Available on the Site

The quarter-troy-ounce Canadian Maple Leaf coin has a diameter of 20mm, with a thickness of 1.78mm, and a face value of 10 Canadian Dollars. The tenth-ounce gold Maple Leaf has a diameter of 16mm and a thickness of 1.13mm, making it comparable in size to a United States dime.

Why Buy the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin?

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins help build your investment portfolio. When considering buying silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins, make sure to understand why precious metals like silver make a great investment. Not only do Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins often hold their value as markets slump, but the general demand for silver also helps support the silver spot price.

Canadian silver coins like the Maple Leafs are among the many uses of silver. Over time, silver prices have been bolstered by demand, whether for jewelry or technology. When you buy silver Leafs, it is important to know how supply and demand play out.

Can I Purchase the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf for My IRA?

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coins are precious metals that are IRA-approved.