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When you see silver coins for sale and you want to buy coins online, make sure you know what you are getting into before you purchase. Silver coins can stay in families for many generations whether they are investment tools or collectibles. Every year there are new coins which are created or minted in different locations that might very well never be produced again. The Royal Canadian Mint, the Australian mint, the United States Mint, and the Perth mint are among some of the top most trusted names in the world.

They produce high-quality silver coins. In many cases, silver coins are sold at a premium higher than the silver spot price due to its limited availability and the unique design that the coins have. Understand that these coins are not the same as a regular run-of-the-mill coin you see day in and day out. The design on the front and on the back is something unique, something indicative of a special event, person, or historical location.

Coins are typically sold in an uncirculated condition which means they haven't been used as currency. In order to be sold like this, they must maintain their brilliance. Once the coin loses its brilliance it diminishes in condition and loses its status. Silver bullion coins have intricate designs and are struck more than once which is what contributes to that brilliant shine they have.

History of Silver Coins

Silver coins have been around since the beginning of coin currency and used as a method of trade ever since. Silver coins are one of the oldest perhaps the oldest forms of coins ever produced. The Greeks used silver coins as their main source of trade currency. Persians also used silver coins between the year 612 and 330 BC. British pennies were historically crafted out of silver.

Silver coins today remain collectible coins and the value of the coin is based upon the rarity, the condition, the demand, and of course when it was originally minted. There are ancient silver coins from the time of the Greeks that some collectors have found. In a more modern setting, silver bullion coins are used to hedge losses against inflation.

Some of the earliest silver coins ever minted took place in Asia Minor (the geographic region located in the south-western part of Asia comprising most of what is present-day Turkey) around the year 600 BC and they were comprised of gold and silver. These coins had a stamp on them the same way that we mint coins today and that became incredibly popular such that the Greeks started to craft coins in different denominations. These coins were used for trade all over the Mediterranean.

Historic Silver Coin Usage

At the same time, Shina was creating coins made of bronze. In the Mediterranean region, silver coins were very useful and were issued by different city-states so on each coin there was the place of origin the same way that on each coin today you will find information about where it was minted. During the Byzantine Empire after the Roman Empire, silver coins were used with a cross on one side and an inscription on the other. After the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire and Persia created small silver coins as well. These coins tended to have inscriptions in cursive on them rather than images.

Between the 16th and 19th century, the silver Spanish dollar coins were minted all over the world to make trade significantly easier. The sizes used for silver coins became standardized which remained in effect until paper money was introduced. Now silver continues to be traded and used as an investment tool not just for those who want to collect ancient coins but for those who collect more modern coins or bars.

Present Day Silver Coin Usage

Today, we still use it as a commodity and in many cases, investors use it as a tool to hedge against losses that result from an economic downturn and other investments, to supplement retirement plans, or to provide something that can be given to children or grandchildren when investors pass away.

If you want to start investing in silver, whether it is silver bullion coins, bars, or rounds, we make it easy. Metals.com offers a wide inventory with an outstanding reputation and are the best possible stop when you start buying silver.

Silver is produced in the form of silver rounds, silver bars, or silver coins from mints and other precious metal refineries located all over the world. Silver is one of the most affordable investment options within the precious metals market and it remains an important commodity. Or thousands of years silver bullion has functioned as a prime source of money and is a commodity used industrially today.  

Designs for Silver Coins

When you buy a silver bullion coin it can come in many sizes starting from 1/25 of an ounce to larger sizes and every size in between. Whether you are brand new to the world of coin collecting or you are experienced, you can find something that meets your interest. The most commonly purchased silver bullion coin is a one-ounce silver coin. The popular designs for a one-ounce silver coin include the silver Panda coin, the silver Mexican Libertad coin, the Canadian Maple Leaf, and the American Eagle.

As a new investor you might take great comfort in purchasing your silver coins and you could pay more for a silver coin than you would for the silver bullion counterpoint but that is because of the collectability and scarcity of the coin and the more fulfilling emotional experience you get as the buyer.

We offer a wide selection of silver coins with different designs on the obverse and the reverse. You can review the many options provided and view the different designs offered by various mints from around the world to figure out which selections you like best. Remember that some coins are limited in production which means they are only available for a small amount of time, therefore, they have the potential to increase in value more than coins, which are available all the time. It is up to you as the investor to determine when you would like to purchase different coins, how many you want to purchase, and whether you wish to diversify your silver coin portfolio itself by including things that will be available always and some things that are available for a limited time.

How to Buy Silver Coins Online

When you are preparing to buy silver coins on Metals.com, make sure you know what it is you want, and perhaps which designs you like best, which mint you want to have produced your coins, etc…

The best place for you to buy silver online is to use a reputable dealer with a strong reputation like ours. As an established retailer we have cultivated and maintained relationships with buyers and sellers as well as mints from all over the world. It is partnerships like these that help us to provide you with high quality products and high standards for authenticity. There are plenty of places where you can purchase silver bars, coins, or rounds and some make it simple to complete your purchase. Metals.com not only makes it simple but safe. We provide beautifully designed products and we have security measures in place to protect your transactions so that you can get affordable silver pieces that provide you with a tangible investment.

When you are deciding upon the different sizes and styles, you want to take into consideration what your plans are for the investment tool. In most cases, silver coins in smaller amounts are easier to maintain and easier to liquidate. Investing in silver coins is going to cost more per ounce compared to silver bars but the reason for this is that silver coins are created with better designs with more unique images and wording minted on either side of the coin. You can find more diversity here and therefore invest in more options, particularly coins that are only available for a limited time which you can liquidate later. 

Silver Coin Prices

Silver prices will fluctuate independently of the rest of the money market such as the stock market. This means that supply and demand, changes in politics or elections can all play important roles in the cost of silver coin, silver bullion, and silver bars. Silver coins are available in a wide variety of sizes and a wide selection. Private mints and government mints will work together to provide competitively priced options. We sell cost-effective and top-quality metals that you can invest in safely.

Silver Coin Spot Price

It is almost impossible for investors to purchase silver at spot prices, but we make it simple for you to achieve the best possible price at a competitive premium compared to spot price. So, what does this term mean?

Spot price simply refers to the current market price for 1 oz units of whatever metal you prefer. This unit market price is constantly in flux during the day. Investors want to pay as close as they can to the current spot price the minute they make their purchase because that means the smallest premiums and the best chance at a higher margin if they resell the item later. In some cases, though, there are reasons why a higher premium would be well worth paying such as the availability of the product, the history of appreciation, or the reputation of the mint. All precious metals will be sold at a premium and that premium simply refers to the additional cost you pay for the expenses of mining the metal, refining the metal, producing the metal, and of course the collectible market value.

Knowing that you have your hands on the best silver bullion with a high purity level is simple when you purchase from a company is reputable as us. Every product we sell will match the quality and the origin that we outlined in the product description online. If you have purchased silver bullion in the past and you are perhaps skeptical about the authenticity, you can evaluate the precious metals you have at your home. One such way to evaluate is to use what is called the magnet test. Silver will not have any magnetic properties, but imitation silver products will contain steel or iron either of which will be drawn to a magnet. So, if you hold a magnet over your silver and it is drawn to the magnet, it is not pure.