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What Are Silver Bars?

Silver bullion bars come in many sizes ranging between 100 oz to fractional sizes less than 1 oz. You can find every size in between. The most commonly traded sizes are 1 oz bars. Regardless of what form your bar takes you can know that it is an authentic part of currency and a legitimate piece of history. Buying silver bars is an easy, effective, and safe way to own silver and it is the choice of many investors simply because silver bars cost less over silver spot price compared to silver coin counterparts. Moreover, because of the uniform size and shape, they're much easier to store, easier to count, and easier to transfer. We sell a wide range of high-quality bars that are stamped with their exact weight and security numbers for additional security.

Value of Silver Bars

Investing in silver is a great way to diversify a modern portfolio. The price of silver will move independently of the stock market which gives you a brighter spot in your portfolio when an economic downturn has otherwise hindered your growth.

Silver Bars for Sale

There are different types of silver bullion bars you can buy, as they vary in size and weight. When you buy a silver bullion coin it can come in many sizes ranging from 1/25 of an ounce upwards to 1000 oz, and every size in between.

How to Choose the Correct Weight for Me

If you are interested in investing in silver you can make the main choice between bars and coins. Silver coins require more effort and more time to produce compared to silver bars. For silver bars it's labor-intensive but it's cheaper than having to mint and strike a coin. To that end, the price for silver bars is typically lower with a reduced premium compared to the spot price of silver. This is a much more noticeable difference in silver than it is in gold. The reason for this is that gold is typically purchased in 1 oz sizes so the price difference between a 1 oz gold bar compared to a 1 oz gold coin is only around 3%. Comparatively, silver is cheaper per ounce than gold so people typically buy higher quantities of silver.

Silver Bars Storage

The other main reason that you should consider investing in bars over coins is that bars are cheaper and easier to store. Silver coins will take up a greater amount of space than their equivalent weight in bars because of the unique packaging they use and their shape. Bars are easier to store. The shape of a coin and its individual packaging means that you need larger spaces for storage and you have to spend more money on said storage. Once you have made the decision to purchase silver bars you have to decide what size you want.

Silver Bar Sizes

In essence, the best investments are those that offer the largest size with the smallest premium. Of course, there are a few other factors you should consider. A 1000 oz silver bar is going to be the cheapest way but it might not be the best option for you. And having a larger-sized silver bar could be a problem. The reason for this is simple. You can't easily divide a much larger bar into smaller pieces and then sell those smaller pieces separately. If you bought 100 oz of silver in bars that were 1 kg each it would be easier to sell off small portions than it would be to sell off a 100-ounce bar. Reselling could present limitations because there will be fewer buyers who are able to purchase a larger bar compared to those who would be able to purchase a smaller bar. If you purchased anything that was 1000 ounces, for example, you probably would not find many individual buyers when you went to resell it and you would have to sell it to a precious metal refinery instead. There are plenty of advantages to purchasing smaller silver bars. How much you spend overall is something you should take into great consideration before you decide on a size or weight for your silver purchase. If you are purchasing 100 oz in total it might be best for you to buy 10 oz silver bars. If you are trying to purchase a few thousand ounces, it might be better for you to purchase one-kilogram bars or 100 oz. The most common silver bar sold on our site is the one-kilo silver bar. This provides a low premium with divisibility.

What to Look for When Buying Silver Bars Online

When buying online, look to see if the bar was cast or minted. Check on the refinery from which it comes, and the purity. These items should be stamped into the silver bars if the bars were cast. If they were minted, you might find the items minted into the bars the same way they are minted into silver coins.

Potential to Increase in Value

There is a potential for silver to increase in value as the market fluctuates. For this reason, the changes in are what investors capitalize upon and it is the same reason buying smaller sizes is better for investors who want to parcel and sell off their silver later.

Where to Buy Cheap Silver Bars

When you buy silver bars for sale, you want to minimize the premium or the price difference between what you pay for different types of silver and what the spot price. Now, if you are not investing per se but want to buy silver jewelry, there are ten types used and they include:

  • Fine .999 Silver
  • Sterling .925 Silver
  • Argentium Silver and Non-Tarnish alloys
  • Coin Silver
  • Silver
  • Silver-filled
  • Nickel Silver
  • Tibetan or tribal silver
  • Bali, Thai or Mexican Silver

How to Test for Silver Quality

You can conduct what is called the ice chest. Put a piece of ice on top of the silver. Silver is a powerful heat conductor and high-quality products will melt the ice immediately.

What Are the Most Popular Silver Bar Designs?

The most popular silver bar designs we sell are:

  • PAMP Suisse Fortuna
  • Geiger Edelmetalle
  • SilverTowne
  • Asahi Refining

Silver Bullion Investors Prefer Silver Bars

Simply put: the price. It is cheaper to buy so you get more (silver) bang for your buck.

Where to Get Silver Bars

You can shop online with ease at to get your silver bars. With us, you get better prices, better quality, and better guarantees.

What Is the Meaning of .999 silver?

It refers to the purity level, as aforementioned. This means the silver is 99.9% pure.

How Much Does a Bar of Silver Cost?

This is entirely based on weight, purity, and the current market price.