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Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars

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Each of the gold bars is stamped with the weight, purity, and gold content onto the bar with the famous Royal Canadian Mint Gold. These gold bars range in size and you can invest in anything from 1 oz to 1 kilo all of which are .9999 fine.

The Royal Canadian Mint Collection of gold bars are among the most popular pure gold bars that have been in circulation since the end of the 1970s.

We are a trusted leader among the precious metals industry and we can help you to buy gold bars that are recognized in international bullion markets. focuses on high-quality products so you can benefit from low premiums and competitive gold bars. We help you to better manage well by capitalizing upon changes to spot prices and better availability of international minted designs like the Royal Canadian Mint gold bars.

You can buy 1 oz gold bars which are handsomely designed by the Royal Canadian Mint, an organization with decades of manufacturing history and excellent investment choices.

Royal Canadian Mint History

The Royal Canadian Mint (commonly referred to as the Mint) was originally established back in 1908. At the time it was considered a branch of the Royal Mint based out of London, England. It was in 1931, that the Royal Canadian Mint was converted into a branch of the Department of Finance.

In 1969, the institution became a Crown Corporation. Today, it continues to mint coins out of Canada, but it is part of the Ministry of Finance and reports to the Canadian Parliament. The Mint continues to provide the quintessential maple leaf designs for gold coins and for gold bars.

Invest in Gold Bars

Gold bars of any size is a remarkable way to invest in pure gold while avoiding the high premiums that other legal tender bullion tends to bring. It is easy to purchase gold bars, store them, stack them, count them, and resell them. When you buy gold bars minted by manufacturers like the famous Royal Canadian Mint, you will see that the quality is guaranteed. Especially when each bar is individually stamped and numbered with all of the proper security measures and authentication information. For larger purchases, you can consider 1-kilogram sizes, for smaller purchases you can get 1 oz sizes or 10 oz sizes.

We have plenty of options no matter your investment strategy. When you work with the sales team and our customer service, we can help you to figure out which size is in your best interest given your current budget and long-term strategy. The designs that are available on the obverse and the reverse vary from one mint to another, which is why it is important to consider what it is you hope to gain from all of these and go over the different options that you have by looking over the inventory we provide. Again, there are many sizes available so if you want to make a larger purchase, the 1-kilogram sizes are much better for you but if you prefer a smaller purchase, the 10 oz or 1 oz sizes are best.

Investing in gold bars provides a sound investment opportunity for those who want to protect themselves financially against other potential losses as a result of the stock market performing poorly. The spot price for gold bars is not tied to the performance of any other index. This means that if you have other investment tools and the market takes a turn, they might not fare as well, but you did not lose everything. In fact, with investments in gold bars on hand (both literally and figuratively), you could walk away without losing everything and with a large number of gold bars that are now in higher demand.

With such precious metals in the event that something takes a bad turn and other investment tools perform poorly, many people will actually scramble to make purchases or investments in something they think is more sustainable or more solid, primarily gold. If you have already made that investment, then you can sell off parts of your gold collection to those who are scrambling and willing to pay significantly higher prices. In the end, there is great potential in profiting by doing so.

Sources for Gold

The gold in these gold bars comes from one of three different sources. It can come from recycled gold, gold that came from a government or bank reserve and was sold off, or from mining. Over 60% of the gold used for such purposes comes from mining but of course, there is only so much that can possibly be mined in the world. With limits on supply, but no limits on demand, gold bars can also be comprised of gold that was sold off or otherwise reused and melted down to create your special bar.

In no instance will any of these sources be necessarily less valuable than the others so long as they all come from reputable sources. That is why it is important to make sure you know where you are buying when purchasing gold. Remember that different times of the year produce different levels of demand and if you purchase during high demand seasons you might find that your gold comes from a source you don't necessarily like. Again, just get to know your miners, refiners, and most importantly your seller: We make sure that you only receive high-quality and authentic products.

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