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Pre-1933 Gold Coin

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Why You Should Buy Pre-1933 Gold Coins

The United States Mint issued its first gold coins in 1795. It was during the height of the Great Depression in 1933 when President Franklin Roosevelt prohibited American citizens from holding any monetary gold, which included gold coins. He ordered all U.S. issued gold coins to be returned to the U.S. Treasury, where millions of American gold coins were then melted and cast into gold bars. Today, the surviving vintage U.S. Pre-1933 gold coins are fixed at an extremely limited supply. This makes these gold coins highly desirable among collectors and investors. Depending on the scarcity and condition of the coin, Pre-1933 gold coins often reach higher premiums over the gold spot price than similarly sized gold bullion.

Buying Pre-1933 Gold Coins with

Due to the ever-rising rarity of most Pre-1933 U.S. gold coins, their availability at is at times limited. These coins have been out of production for over 80 years and there is by no means a steady influx of these rare gold coins. More often than not, once they are sold out, they are completely sold out. The Pre-1933 gold coin is extremely rare, and its high demand gives investors and collectors good reason to invest and collect them. There are many different designs and sizes available depending on the coin. The fact that many of these gold coins were produced during the same time period means that as much as their designs may be different, they hold similarities in many ways as well.

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History Behind Pre-1933 Gold Coins

Throughout the duration of the 19thcentury up until the early 20thcentury, gold coins were minted continuously and in large quantities. As the financial crisis we readily know as the Great Depression began to grip not only the United States but the world, it was President Roosevelt who mandated all ownership of U.S. gold coins to be returned to the U.S. Treasury. This movement alone makes it incredible that so many Pre-1933 gold coins are still on the market today.