Mexican Gold Peso Coin

Coins, especially gold coins, are a wonderful investment opportunity and collector’s opportunity. With gold coins, you get the chance to collect a unique piece of history. Whether it is a gold coin that is no longer in production or a newly minted coin that may not be around forever, you can hold on to a physical asset that continues to increase in value.

Mexican Gold Pesos

What Are Mexican Gold Pesos?

The Mexican Gold Peso bullion coin is one of the most beautiful coins that you can invest in. While the prices for gold will fluctuate, the popularity of Mexican Gold Peso bullion coins continues to increase. This particular coin appeals to investors and collectors because of the high gold bullion content. These coins are minted in Mexico City and they contain 90% pure gold with an additional 10% copper. This 10% copper was added to the minting process in order to give hardness to the coins that gold alone is unable to provide. For this reason, these gold pesos have survived years of circulation wear and tear.

When Were They Minted?

The Mexican Gold Pesos were introduced into circulation back in 1906. Since that time, they have had an incredibly long history as a form of monetary currency. Each Mexican Gold Peso has a different design on the coin, which is perfect for anyone looking to invest in the history or culture of Mexico. We have a large selection of vintage gold coins from Mexico that have high value. They are popular because of the variety of designs and denominations from which to choose.

What Denominations Are These? carries a wide selection that includes: 5 pesos, 10 pesos, and more. The different denominations are produced in different sizes, but they all have the same investment value to them. For example, the 2 Pesos gold coin has .0482 oz of gold in it while the 5 Pesos gold coin has .1205 oz of gold. The 20 pesos coin has a .4823 oz of gold. In order to determine the gold value of each coin, it is best to consider the Pesos to dollar ratio.

Popularity Mexico City Mint 

As an investor in rare coins from Mexico, you can diversify your portfolio or your collection by including different sizes. Mexico has an outstanding history of producing the finest bullion and these gold Pesos are no exception. The content value and the artistry will leave any investor completely satisfied.

Are There Vintage Coins?

Vintage gold coins like these are a great way to introduce gold to your portfolio while admiring coins for the aesthetic value and historical value they provide. Rare Mexican gold coins allow you the opportunity to be the physical owner of a beautiful and historically rich collection. The most exciting part to these coins is that they all come from Mexico's mint located in Mexico City, which was the first mint established in the America’s in the year 1535. These rare coins feature rich symbolism that offers a wonderful starting off point for any discussions that you might have with your family or your friends about the rich history of Mexico itself.

In fact, many of these coins feature symbols like the snake in the Eagle's mouth, historical figures like the leader of the Mexican war of independence or ancient cultural references to Mesoamerican beliefs, even the Mexican coat of arms. There are historical pieces like the 1816 Escudos Ferdinand VII coin that offers investors a proud chance to display protected pieces of history. More modern investment opportunities have been embarked upon by the Royal Canadian Mint and the U.S. mint to add commemorative items like the gold Libertad coin.

Popularity Today

As mentioned, the Mexican gold coins remain incredibly popular today. They are traded as often as they once were, and investors still seek multiple denominations so that they can expand their collections.

Advantages of Buying

As with all gold investments, purchasing the gold Mexican coins brings with it many advantages. For investors having any type of gold coin provides an opportunity to hedge your investment losses. The price for gold is not tied directly to the performance of other financial markets like the stock market so in the event that an economic downturn or other political change causes you to lose money in other investments, it would not devalue the worth of your gold coin. Additionally, you can enjoy a large piece of history and the opportunity to pass something onto your family including your children.