Credit Suisse Gold Bars

Credit Suisse Gold Bars

Credit Suisse gold bars are backed by the renowned Credit Suisse Bank located in Switzerland. All of the bars that you purchase are guaranteed to be 99.9% pure. More importantly, each gold bar is stamped with its exact weight and purity and includes the Credit Suisse logo, an internationally recognized symbol of quality and sound provenance.

The Credit Suisse Bank located in Switzerland is one of the most trusted financial institutions in the world. They were founded in 1856 and have a reputation that very few international banks have. They provide financial services all over the world with unsurpassed high-quality. They have continually produced financial resources such as Credit Suisse Gold Bars.

The Gold Credit Suisse 

When you purchase Credit Suisse gold bars, they come in a variety of sizes and designs. You can purchase gold bars that weigh anything between 1 gram and 10 ounces. Regardless of the size or the design, you get a guaranteed product that is backed by this world-renowned bank. The different sizes allow you more flexibility in your investments, such that people with larger amounts of money to spend may buy the same quantities but in larger weights, if they prefer.

Investors can buy things like the one-gram gold bar Statue of Liberty or even the 10 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bars with Assay. The Liberty bars in particular, feature the Statue of Liberty and are one of the most popular gold products in the industry. No matter your budget or investment style, there is something available to you from


For over 150 years, they have provided impeccable gold and silver products. In order to guarantee authenticity, every purchase comes with the Assay card that protects the bar and guarantees authenticity. If you purchase a much larger gold bar, it is stamped with a unique serial number that is verified by the bank.

Why Buy Credit Suisse Gold Bars 

Investing in these gold bars is a great way to diversify an existing investment portfolio and hedge against any potential losses. Gold bars do not lose their value when stock markets crash. Other investment tools are often similarly tied to the same performance. As such when investors lose money because of losses on the stock market or economic downturn, they can still enjoy gains as a result of gold bars. Investing in gold also provides protection for retirement portfolios if used properly.

Having gold bars allows investors to liquidate small amounts of their investment gradually, rather than liquidating everything they own at once. In the event that you want to bequeath your gold to your children when you pass away, it is easier to do it with smaller bars then it would be larger assets.