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Perth Mint Gold Bars

If you want to know how to buy gold bars, or where to buy gold bars, look no further. At, we are here to help you find the perfect Perth Mint gold bars crafted from the best gold bullion Perth has to offer.

What Are Perth Mint Gold Bars?

Perth Mint gold bars are fine, .9999 gold bars. They feature the distinctive swan logo that is a historic symbol for all of the gold that was mined in the Australian Outback. Like all other gold bar investments, these are literally what the name suggests: a bar of gold. You can hold on to it, cradle it, sleep with it, stack it, or anything else you like.

Perth Gold Bar Sizes and Prices

Gold bars come in many sizes and their prices are based on those sizes and the current spot value. The Perth Mint 1 oz gold bar is not only 99.9% pure, fine gold, as are other weights, but they are individual bars presented in a sealed Assay package. If you purchase multiples of 25 regardless of ounces, they will arrive not only individually sealed but placed into an individually sealed box for 25-unit increments.  

So, which size should you choose? That is entirely up to your designs with the asset. Most people purchase gold bars that are 1 ounce or 10 ounces in size specifically, because these are easier to transport, easier to store than coins, typically cheaper than coins or rounds, and are more easily liquidated, if necessary. For investors, liquidating a portion of gold bars might be more appealing than liquidating everything you own.

Are Perth Mint Gold Bars Eligible for IRA's?

Yes, these gold bars are eligible for precious metals IRA’s.

Perth Mint Gold Bar Design

On the obverse, you will see the distinctive majestic Swan logo. You will also find the purity and the weight for the gold bar. On the reverse side, you will see diagonally repeating sets of kangaroos, another classic design from Australia. With each purchase, you will get your accompanying Assay card which lists all authentication data.

When you purchase the Perth Mint gold bars, you will receive a high-quality, beautiful piece of gold bullion from the Perth Mint, an internationally acclaimed manufacturer and recliner of precious metals.

Perth Mint History

The Perth Mint is the oldest existing Australian mint. Each 1 oz gold bar from this refinery not only has the stamp but it has a unique serial number on it which guarantees the purity of the product.

Perth Mint Reputation

Perth Mint is famous for having produced what was considered the purest gold bullion ever seen back in 1957. Since that time, they have upheld the standards and reputation of producing and manufacturing pure gold. All of the bars that you purchase contain .9999 fine gold. So, every gold bar that you purchase is backed by a quality assurance from the company and an international reputation.

Why Invest in Gold Bullion from Australia?

Investing in Perth Mint gold bars is one of the oldest symbols of wealth. But today, the supply of gold bullion is finite which means that the price of such investments and the value that they accrue is only going to go up. As items like this go on the market, they will be snatched up by investors now and always. Gold functions of the physical asset with a price that will move more often than not independently of any property values or the stock market. Which is why so many people use it as a method for diversifying their investment portfolio.

Buying exquisite gold bars from this refinery will add significantly to your portfolio and provide you with an ability to hedge any potential losses in the event of an economic downturn. More importantly, different sizes available to you mean that you can better control your investment. For example, if you want to easier liquid a small portion of your gold investment, you can buy smaller sizes of Perth Mint gold bars, but if you instead want to hold on to a physical asset that's easier to handle, a larger size is perfectly suitable.

Why invest in gold bars rather than coins or rounds? Simply put, the amount of work that goes into creating a gold bar is slightly less compared to creating coins. These can be poured into a cast and they don't have to be minted and individually struck, which means that per ounce, bars are less expensive than coins.