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PAMP Suisse Gold Bars

PAMP Suisse Gold Bars & Gold Rounds

PAMP Suisse is a worldwide refiner and marketer for high-quality metals and gold bars in particular. Gold products come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. The least expensive and most favorable form is that of gold bars. Behind that, investors looking to hedge their losses turn to gold rounds and coins.

Gold rounds are minted to the same high standards, clean striking, and beautiful designs as gold coins though not recognized as legal tender. They typically sell for a lower premium compared to the spot gold price which makes them a great addition to any diversified portfolio. You can even combine the purchasing of gold rounds with gold coins and, more specifically, with PAMP Suisse gold bars to further diversify.

Design for PAMP Suisse Gold

All PAMP Suisse gold bars are specifically die struck with a special feature that has the attractive Fortuna portrait on it. All of the PAMP Suisse gold bars are guaranteed to be 99.9% pure. They feature company motifs, but everyone recognizes the Fortuna portrait, common among many PAMP Suisse products.

Why Buy Gold

If you are looking to invest in gold bullion for the first time or you want to enhance your existing gold collection, consider PAMP Suisse gold bars. Gold bars on the whole cost less than gold coins and their value is not linked to the stock market or any other index for that matter. That means their value can be sustained where other investments are not.

Buying Gold PAMP Suisse Bars

These PAMP Suisse Gold Bars can also be a part of your precious metals IRA. This is a self-directed IRA that helps you to protect against any major financial shock. If you use gold bullion you can strategically balance the existing portfolio you have for your retirement. Gold will hold its value even as paper currency fails which is why most people will invest in gold in addition to stocks or bonds.

If you want to get the most for your money, PAMP Suisse gold bars are the way to go. A single bar of gold will typically cost less than gold coins of the same size even though they share a purity level.

PAMP Suisse is well known as a high-end producer for gold bars with high-quality and premier designs. The packaging will show all purity information on the reverse side. These gold bars are cost-effective and a very popular choice for investors. The uniform packaging, the blue border, the serial number on the bar itself, and the reverse of the case are evidence of the high quality provided by this company. More importantly, they are well regarded for low premiums which means you typically will not spend a lot of money over the spot price. When investing in PAMP Suisse gold bars, your purchase is backed by a solid reputation.

History of PAMP Suisse Gold

PAMP Suisse started in 1977 in the small town of Ticino in Switzerland. Since that time, they have not only refined gold but fabricated it as well. Their inventory does not stop with gold, however, so anyone looking to diversify further with silver or platinum products can find those here as well.