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1 Ounce Silver Bars

1 Ounce Silver Bars

First and foremost, the 1 oz silver bars just represent a specific size for silver bars. Investors can buy silver bars in increments of 1 oz.

There is a range of sizes from which to choose and are perfect for every budget when investing in metals. It is still rare, however, to come across something that is oddly shaped or larger in size. Smaller weights for bars and coins alike are much more common and advantageous if you can afford to purchase more than one at a time. It is easier to move your silver from one place to another. This is essentially better if one travels to coin shows. The smaller sizes will cost less based on their spot price. Smaller amounts of silver bars are easier to liquidate compared to large amounts as well.

You will find that there are more interested parties available for smaller silver purchases and they can do so much faster with reduced negotiations. So if you needed to liquidate your silver immediately, this would be the best way to do it. More importantly, if you have your silver bars broken down into smaller pieces you also have the option of liquidating it gradually, in lieu of committing to liquidating your entire collection.

Larger Weights for Silver Bars

Larger weights for silver bars are not necessarily bad of course. People who have higher amounts of disposable income or who do not need the liquidity or portability can do just fine with these larger sizes. Convenience might be a great reason for buying larger sizes, especially if your investment plan is to stockpile large quantities. If you want a significant collection, obviously, handling a few hundred bars is going to be easier compared to handling thousands of coins. If you have regular access to a large size urban center you can still liquidate larger silver bars easier. In fact, if you anticipate needing to liquidate one of your larger silver bars later in life or process a large cash transaction, liquidating a single-bar rather than multiple coins could save you money on the smaller transaction fees associated with the sales. Another option for storing larger weights of silver bars is finding a depository.

Weights and Sizes

Depending on what your personal limits are, you can acquire silver in a multitude of sizes and different weights. There are silver dimes that contain 0.0723 oz of silver, silver nickels that contain 0.056 ounces of silver,  and silver quarters with 0.18 ounces of silver. Silver half dollars produced before 1964 contains 0.361 oz of silver while those produced between 1965 and 1970 contains 0.147 oz of silver.

If you really want to invest more heavily, standard bullion coins contain one troy ounce which is 9.99% pure. You can purchase 5 oz coins minted from private sources and government sources, 10 oz coins minted likewise from private and government sources. For larger coins, the most popular investment size is 1 kg. If you are looking to acquire something substantially larger you can purchase 100-ounce bars or 1000 ounce bars.

Still, the most commonly purchased size is 1 oz of silver.

Why Buy 1 Ounce Silver Bars? 

There are many reasons to invest more heavily in smaller bars, most of which have been touched upon above. Having a smaller size bar makes it easier to transport when you take the items to and from shows for collectors. In the event that you plan to liquidate, it is much easier to liquidate smaller bars on an as-needed basis rather than being forced to liquidate one large bar. After all, if you invested in dozens of 1 oz silver coins some of which were collectibles, you could hold on to those and only liquidate the more common bars that are regularly produced.

Another reason to buy is to bequeath if you choose to disseminate your collection to your children or family down the line. It will cause much ease among family or other beneficiaries if you are able to divide physical bars up rather than to sell the one large bar and divide the money.

Moreover, they make for a sound investment for those who are looking to diversify their portfolio. With silver bars, you can not only enjoy the collectability of so many different styles and designs, but you can expand your investment portfolio and hedge your bets against other sudden economic downturns in, for example, the stock market. The reason is, the changes in silver prices are not tied to the performance of the stock market and are instead influenced by outside factors. That means if the stock market crashes, your silver stock could still be a viable financial investment that is gaining value on a regular basis.

Common Types of 1 Ounce Silver Bars

So how do you choose which bars to buy?

There are many locally refined and internationally refined silver bars from places like PAMP, out of New Zealand, or the Perth Mint, and the Royal Canadian Mint. Before you make your silver bar purchase from a locally-produced or overseas dealer, make sure that you choose an established dealer, like You want refiners that leave their hallmark in the silver bar. When you look at the silver bar you should expect to clearly see the purity of the bar which should be dictated as .999 purity or 99.9%. On the bar, you should also see the weight stamped. Many brands and sizes will contain a unique serial number but you will typically pay more money to get a silver bar with the serial number. The reason for this is that items minted with a unique serial number are shipped with individual certification.

Are There 1 Ounce Silver Bars Offered Continuously?

Indeed there are. Below is a quick list of the 1 oz silver bars for sale at all times:

SilverTowne Prospector

  • Sunshine Minting Silver
  • Asahi Silver
  • Perth Mint Silver
  • Geiger Silver

Beyond these, you can find unique 1 oz silver bars or limited-issue 1 oz silver bars for their collect-ability and the potential increase in value.