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90% Silver $1.00 Face Value U.S. Roosevelt Dimes

90% Silver $1.00 Face Value U.S. Roosevelt Dimes
90% Silver $1.00 Face Value U.S. Roosevelt Dimes
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Prior to 1965, all US circulation quarters, dimes, half dollars, and dollars were composed of 90% pure silver. But as the intrinsic value of these coins rose higher than their face value, the mint began replacing them with cupro-nickel coins. Today, these 90% silver coins offer investors an affordable, convenient, and easily-divisible means of owning silver. No matter what happens to the silver spot price, 90% silver coins will always be worth at least their face value, making them a smart way to hedge against more volatile investments.

Your order will be exclusively composed of ten 90% silver dimes totaling $1 in face value, including modern silver proofs. The designs and dates of the dimes you receive are based on available inventory and may or may not contain an assortment. Dimes may show signs of aging and wear. The majority of coins will have dates; however, some dates have worn off. Coins are not bent or holed.

  • Each dime contains .0715 pure silver with a 10-cent face value backed by the US government. 
  • Real-time prices are locked in at the time of the order.

Since 1792, the US Mint has been among the greatest producers of precious metal bullion coins in the world. Their products are in demand the world over for their superior workmanship and aesthetics, and honor the rich history, iconic symbols, and unwavering spirit of this great nation.  

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