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Silver Bars 10 Oz Our Choice Generic Brand

Silver Bars 10 Oz Our Choice Generic Brand
Silver Bars 10 Oz Our Choice Generic Brand
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Product Description

The generic 10 oz Silver bars are a vital investment into precious metals. As these Bullion bars are generic, they will vary in brand and design. At 10 ounces, they are an economically and physically lighter option of obtaining pure Silver for investment purposes.

The purity and weight of the Silver are guaranteed to be a minimum of 10 troy ounces of pure 0.999 Silver, and any wear on the surface of the bar does not affect that value of Silver in any way. The year of issue of these silver bars, if there is one, may also vary, and as these bars come from many different time periods, some of them could have become more valuable over time. Each of these Silver bars is inspected and secured before shipping to the buyer, making them a reliable and hassle-free purchase.

A lot of customers ask which types of Silver bars are included in the product. There is no guarantee that a customer will get a specific bar from a specific mint. We simply ship what we have in stock. If a customer wants to select a specific brand or mint 10 oz Silver bar, we likely offer those options in our Silver bar category.

Anyone looking to start a precious metals collection can invest in these bars as the ten-ounce size makes this bar the perfect opportunity for those looking to kick-start their Silver investments with a small but substantial weight of pure Silver.

The product images simply show the type of bars you could receive, not the exact bars you would receive by purchasing this product.

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