American Silver Eagle 1 Oz Common Date

American Silver Eagle 1 Oz Common Date
American Silver Eagle 1 Oz Common Date
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The American Silver Eagle 1 oz issued by the US Mint is one of the most popular silver bullion products sold today.

The front of the coin is based on Adolph Weinman’s popular Walking Liberty Half Dollar design and the reverse features the heraldic eagle design by John Mercanti. Mint production is large and premiums low. Which is why this is one of the most popular silver bullion choices in the world.

From 1986 through 2012 the US Mint produced 337,562,676 regular production American Silver Eagle 1 oz coins.  The following numbers represent the total amount of Silver Eagles made in that year.
2016 – 37.7 Million Produced
2015 – 47.0 Million Produced
2014 – 44.0 Million Produced
2013 – 42.0 Million Produced
2012 – 33.0 Million Produced
2011 – 40.0 Million Produced

Since 2001 these coins were minted at the West Point facility but when production capacity lagged the Mint also used its San Francisco location. No production coins from either mint contain a Mint Mark and only the date is changed each year.

The US Mint provides pliable plastic tubes which seal tightly, contain 20 coins and will last a lifetime. American Silver Eagle 1 oz coins are also available in Green Monster Boxes which contain 500 coins (25 tubes of 20 coins each).

 When examined you will find the US Mint spared no expense in developing this bullet-proof green plastic box which is safely shipped all over the world.

There are many reasons why this silver bullion coin is popular: (1) The American Silver Eagle 1 oz contains exactly one ounce of pure silver so pricing is easy. (2) Because weight and purity are guaranteed by the US Government this is a popular choice for Individual Retirement Accounts. (3) Because the American Silver Eagle 1 oz is $1.00 Legal Tender they appeal to investors who want barter money in case paper currency is questioned. (4) The American Silver Eagle 1 oz is strikingly beautiful and a tribute to the brilliant quality produced by the US Mint.

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