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Buying Silver Bullion Coins, Bars, and Rounds

There are many ways that you can invest in different precious metals. If you are investing in silver, you can purchase that silver in the form of silver bars, silver rounds, or silver coins.

Each of these brings with them different costs, different potential value, different designs, shapes, sizes, and personal attachment. offers a wide range of different products that have been minted from all over the world. Some of which come from Australia, others which come from South Africa, and even Canada.

Regardless of what it is you want or what investment strategy you have, we can help you to find the perfect silver product for you. The first step is understanding the key differences in coins, bars, and rounds.

Silver Bullion Coins

In most families, coin value will increase with time. Silver coins are collectible investments due to their scarcity, design, and demand. Every year, new coins are minted and many are never produced ever again. So, they become increasingly popular with time as demand for them increases.

Silver bullion coins can be purchased in a variety of sizes. The smallest possible size is 1/25 ounces and the largest size is 1 kilogram. You can find sizes that cover every possible size in between.

The most commonly purchased size is a 1 oz silver coin, which collectors and investors purchase more than any other size. Silver coins are a highly traded commodity and have always been which means that the value of all silver coins will continue to grow with time.

Silver Bullion Bars

Buying silver bars is one of the easiest, safest, and most cost-effective ways to purchase physical silver. Silver bars will match coins in terms of purity and content but will cost less over the spot price for silver coins because of the way they are produced. You want to focus on getting your premium as low as possible to potentially increase the return you can get on the investment when you liquidate.

Silver bullion bars are often cast which means the silver is turned into a liquid and poured into a physical cast in order to set whereas silver coins are minted. This means they have to be struck with a machine to mint after casting.

For that reason, the cost of silver bars compared to silver coins of the same purity levels and size is going to be cheaper. Silver coins have unique value and unique designs that are not offered with bars.

Silver Bullion Rounds

Investors who are focused more on the stable purchasing power should consider silver bullion rounds. These are circular discs without a face value and are not legal tender. They are not nearly as diverse as coins but they are still good for investors who want to use silver to thwart any potential losses from inflation.

You can pick many sizes when you purchase silver bullion rounds ranging between 1 gram and 12 oz and every size in between. The most commonly traded sizes though are 1 oz or less. Silver bullion rounds are minted to the same standards as silver coins which means they will have the same mirrored finish, clean striking, and detailed design. We offer a wide range of silver products including bullion coins, rounds, and bars that come from respected mints all over the world.

Whatever you decide, we can help you go over the wide list of products we offer, find the perfect silver solution for your investment needs, and prepare to make an informed purchase.

Is Silver a Good Investment?

99.9% pure silver does qualify for inclusion in a precious metals IRA. So, you can purchase pure silver products and use them/their increase in value to add to your retirement plans. There are many strategies you can use for this type of investment, and if you have any questions about it, we can help.

That said, the most popular silver to invest in includes bars because they are the cheapest. Silver bars are less expensive compared to silver coins simply because the process for manufacturing and refining them takes less time.  

When silver is collected from mines, it doesn't come in solid forms or coin forms. It has to be refined and put into those forms. When manufacturers produce silver bars they can cast them which is the simplest and easiest method.

This involves a physical cast into which the liquid silver is poured. By comparison, when they create silver coins they have to first cast them into the shape of the coin and then they have to mint them with the designs that you see on top. This simply takes more time and effort so the premiums you pay are going to cost more per ounce of silver bars of comparable purity levels.

Where Does Silver Come From?

Silver comes from refineries all over the world which is extracted carefully from Earth. The products you purchase come from places like the Royal Canadian Mint or the Perth Mint.

How to Purchase Silver From

Buying silver online is perfectly safe when you do it from us: We have been around since 2008, with full accreditation and superior customer service. Contact us today via live chat, email, or phone with any questions you might have.

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What Is the Difference Between Sovereign and Privately Minted Bullion?

The main difference is who refines/manufactures the minted product. These products can be minted by governments or by private minters.

Who Buys Silver?

Many investors today buy silver. In fact, silver is one of the most popular precious metals for investors to purchase, specifically those who want to collect coins or who want to hedge their investments.

Where Can I Check the Spot Price of Silver?

You can check the spot price of silver online and on The spot price changes on a regular basis which means you should always check the spot price before you go to make a purchase, and even monitor the performance and changes to the spot price over a period of days or weeks before you buy.

Is Silver a Safe Investment?

Silver is absolutely a safe investment. Silver has been used to make coins since the ancient Greeks and it has been prevalent in nearly every major society ever since. No doubt the value of silver has remained important and will continue to remain profitable as the years go by. This is an absolutely safe investment so long as you make sure to only purchase what you can afford and to liquidate when necessary.

How Much Does Silver Cost?

The cost of silver fluctuates on a regular basis. Silver is valued based on what is called the spot price. The spot price is the cost of precious metals or the value which changes all day, every day. This amount changes on a regular basis. Equally important is to appreciate the premiums that you will face when you are investing in precious metals.

The premiums are the cost that you have to pay to offset the production cost. The goal when you are purchasing any type of product like this is to get the lowest premium so that you are paying as close to the spot price as possible.

Which Silver Coins Should I Buy?

When you are trying to determine which coins to purchase, one big part in that is going to be your personal preference. There are so many options on the market and some are more valuable than others but for different reasons. There might be a commemorative coin that you find fascinating which is only produced for a limited time. Limited production items like this tend to increase in value as demand for them surges over the years.

How Much Does a Bar of Silver Cost?

As mentioned, the cost is going to be contingent upon the weight and depends on the bar size. So it is important to consider the number of ounces you are going to purchase so that you can figure out how much the bar is going to cost.