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100 gram Pure Gold Bars - Perth Mint

100 gram Pure Gold Bars - Perth Mint
100 gram Pure Gold Bars - Perth Mint
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  • Mint: Perth Mint
  • Composition: One hundred grams of .9999 fine gold
  • Comes protected inside an assay card
  • IRA eligible

The obverse features the Perth Mint’s seal, which showcases a graceful swan; the swan is the state emblem of Western Australia, home to the Perth Mint. Below, the purity and weight are stamped into the bar. The reverse features a repeating diagonal pattern of a leaping kangaroo, the beloved Outback marsupial. Your gold bar comes sealed inside of a tamper-evident CertiCard. This ensures both protection and authentication. Any assay cards that have been opened will display a warning of “SEAL OPEN” or “VOID” around the edge of the blister.

The technical specifications of each bar are printed on the back of the card, including purity, weight, and an individual serial number. Bars may come in either green or black assay cards, and designs may vary.

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