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This Election Day. Vote Gold (and Silver)

Posted by Brock Bowers on

During the primaries and the entire year-and-a-half long election cycle, neither Trump nor Hillary openly said they favor sound money policies, removing legal tender laws, or that they seek to restrain the Fed and its funny money policies.

So, one thing is for sure.

No matter which of the two “Wanna-Be” kings enter the White House, we get a bitter deal.

More government spending, more government debt, and more money funneled to special interest groups. Your hard earned cash and tax dollars wasted. And the dollar and U.S. economy further eroded pulling you down with it.

Judge Andrew Napolitano once asked, "What if Democrats and Republicans were two wings of the same bird of prey?"

That’s a great question we should all ask ourselves today, and every election. Because in fact, the Democrats and the Republicans are the two wings of the same monster.

In the 1790s, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison formed the Democratic-Republican Party to oppose the Federalist Party led by Alexander Hamilton. (Hamilton wanted an all-powerful central - i.e. Federal - government in which the states would bend the knee and kowtow to.)

What started out as a party to protect our liberties, eventually suffered from internal strife. By 1824, the Democratic-Republican Party split into two factions becoming today’s two dominant political parties.

And can you believe it? They are still at each other's throats. No need to follow either candidate, or either party, off a cliff.

Today, vote for yourself. Vote for your family. Vote for your future. Vote to secure your buying power.

Claim a strong position in gold and silver.

Because the gold (and silver) you grip in your hand and drop into your pocket will hold its value. It will stay true.

It serves your needs and protects your family, long after Trump or Hillary leave the White House and long after the Democratic or Republican parties decompose into new beasts of prey.

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