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REPORT: Jim Comey Struck Immunity Deal With Bob Mueller To Avoid Criminal Prosecution

Posted by Brock Bowers on

Reports say special prosecutor Robert Mueller granted disgraced former FBI head Jim Comey full immunity even before Investigation began!


A trusted  department source says, “The immunity is a done deal,”  “Mueller can do whatever he wants. We (Justice) have no say but after many years working criminal cases I know Comey has been given immunity. You can tell by the way he is acting now and the fact that Mueller has kept us in the dark about his investigation.”


Special Counsel spokesman Peter Carr at Justice would not comment when asked to detail the immunity arrangement between Comey and Mueller. His silence is not unusual but It would be easy to simply state that no such immunity exists if it were not in place.


It is not a closely guarded secret that Jim Comey and Robert Mueller are close personal friends.  “He and Mueller spent many hours together, developing a close partnership — ” Washingtonian notes.



As you’re about to see below James Comey, the former FBI director that let Hillary off the hook for her clear violation of significant laws, asked for immunity from congress for his involvement in the scandal and the subsequent findings.

Essentially, Comey is asking  to be absolved of what he’s done and anything that may happen in the future from any further investigations.

How does that not throw up the biggest red flag in American political history?

Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy thought it was and he says, "not on my watch."

We weren't too shocked to learn that Comey went around Congress to potentially get immunity from the special prosecutor who doesn't report to Congress in the first place.

After all, that's what friends are for! Right?

As a reminder of the unlikely series of events that lead to this.

Comey himself leaked the memo that sparked the Justice Department to appoint a Special Counsel.

Then, instead of appointing a Special Counsel without previous proximity and friendship to the ousted FBI director, Mueller — a close friend and long-time mentor of Comey — just happened to get picked!

Then, an immunity deal is agreed on which allowed Comey to speak carefree at his Senate hearings!

Comey’s very likely deal insulates him against prosecution for his role in many things such as:

·        Leaking many other government documents to third parties including but not limited to the media

·        Inconsistencies in testimony that rise to the level or potential perjury

·        Any role he played in the illegal surveillance or wiretapping of Trump during the election

·        Any other crimes Comey may have committed during his tenure as FBI director, including his role in quashing the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

·        His role in unmasking Trump, Trump insiders and other Americans from FISA warrant intelligence

·        Any violations of FBI employment ethics that would nullify pension benefits.

At this point any logical person would have to ask the question, "what would someone in power actually have to do to go to jail?" By all appearances it's impossible.

To add insult to injury, President Putin said recently it "does sound and look odd that the director of a security service is making records of his talks with the supreme commander (Trump.)"

Putin then says If he (Comey) faces any kind of criminal prosecution "we will provide (Comey) political asylum in Russia."

Is the Russian collusion story a cover for Comey's crimes?

I think it's time the American people decide.

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