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Posted by Metals Corporate on Takes Over Top U.S. Rankings for Excellent Customer Service


When 1,608 reviewers give a company five out of five stars on an independent review site that actively combats fake reviews with a team of more than 50 live agents and legal experts, more than 25 fraud detection robots, and an open invitation to whistleblowers, you sit up and take notice. 

Notice is exactly what the gold and precious metals investing sector is taking with the recent announcement from independent review platform Trustpilot that is ranked first in the nation in the category “Gold and Silver Trading Companies”. 

Where Did This Top Ranking Come From?

Trustpilot is a global review community “dedicated to building trust and transparency between consumers and businesses.” The company recently released information indicating that even with 1,608 reviews, both solicited and unsolicited and published in real time, has a 100 percent 5-star rating score. 

That makes the company the leader in its primary division, but that is not the end of the story. 

Markets Insider, a publication of Business Insider, reported on the new rankings. The article observed of the Trustpilot score, “Trustpilot’s perfect score represents values its customers and offers high-quality service that puts customers at ease with their purchase.” 

The report when on to say the company’s policy of operating “with that customer as the center of gravity” causes to “obsess over their commitment to customers…where most leaders pay attention to the marketplace.”

Education, Information & Easy Access to Expertise

Of course, and its consultants are watching the marketplace constantly. They are just watching from the perspective of serving their customers and clients in their best interests. This is one of the reasons the company’s customer service receives such high marks. offers regular insight on the many aspects of the world economy that affect how investors make the decision to invest in gold, including tariff and trade tensions, mining industry trends, and even breaking news on criminal charges filed against major bankers in the industry, when necessary. All of this information may be easily found on the company’s “Insights” and “News” pages. 

The ready availability of such information on the website combined with a team that is dedicated to the concepts of low premiums and no order minimums are one reason that many of those Trustpilot reviews are from repeat customers who remain extremely satisfied with their buying experience and dedicated to The reviews from repeat customers, while often hard to obtain since they have already left a review before, are incredibly meaningful in evaluating what this 100-percent five-star ratings history means. 

“We recalculate the TrustScore every time a new review is posted. The more frequently you collect reviews, the more stable your TrustScore will be,” explained the Trustpilot support team. The constant recalculation is intended to help weight the scores to best indicate current customer experience, which is why’s ability to retain such a high score is particularly meaningful. If service quality had fallen off as the company grew, the TrustScore would indicate this even if performance were sterling early on. 

The Trustpilot team continued the explanation: “For example, a company received twenty 5-star reviews two years ago and has a TrustScore of 4.5. If they were to receive one 1-star review today, their TrustScore would drop to 3.4.” 

While the metric and speed at which a high score can be lost may be frustrating to companies being scored, has no problem with this process. The company solicits reviews from every customer. 

The team knows every review is valuable because they all offer learning experiences and, in the case of Trustpilot reviews, that high volume of recent five-star scores indicates that the performance of employees and the team remain on par with past excellence. 

Good News for Gold Investors: is Still Going Strong

So, that’s the good news for investors already holding precious metals and investing with What’s the latest news in the yellow-metal market at large? 

Well, according to yesterday’s post from, analysts are saying gold will remain “in the spotlight” for investors throughout 2020. 

The bigger news for gold investors, however, is that there is finally a platform where you can do your due diligence, keep informed about market movements, and invest with the flexibility you deserve in the precious metals and bullion that fit your budget and your personal preferences. Furthermore, more than 1,600 reviews create a firm foundation and indicator of excellence in both precious-metals trading and financial consulting thanks to those 1st and 2nd review scores, respectively.

“This significant milestone further validates dedication to customer happiness,” read the report on Markets Insider. Not only does have a vast online catalogue of competitively priced metals that often beat the U.S. Mint when it comes to price, the company also offers the platform investors need to learn about this investment vehicle and make the best decision possible for their capital at any given time. 

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