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Helicopter Money, President Trump Could be GREAT For Silver and Gold. Are You Ready to Ride This Wave?

Posted by Brock Bowers on

Tump won. And the "lame"-stream media were shocked and awed because they got the election completely wrong. The New York Times even predicted Hillary had an 85 percent chance of winning the day of the election.

Apparently, more than a week after the elections, the losers are still crying about it with accusations of "fake news," death threats to electoral college members, and Democratic Senator from California Barbara Boxer even introduced a bill to end the electoral college.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Here’s more. Did you see the Newsweek cover with the "Madam President" headline? Embarrassed, Newsweek recalled over 120,000 magazines from retailers.


If you’re well read, then you know this is not the first (or the last) time the media got it so wrong. It happened back in 1948 during the presidential election between Truman and Dewey.

Did you see the Zerohedge spoof about the Truman/Trump election upsets?

trump-truman-spoof image: zerohedge


And no surprise, enterprising capitalists figured out how to profit off the Newsweek screw up. You can buy a rare copy of the magazine on Ebay for a pretty penny.


But be careful bidding on the second one below! Pay close attention, you're only bidding on the PHOTO of the magazine cover, not a real copy of the magazine.

Seems like you can turn any piece of paper into fiat currency these days.

Now that the elections are over what can we expect?

Not much, we’re going to see more of the same.

The reason is because nothing that directly affects your pocket book or long term buying power has improved since the election. And nothing that counts is going to get better in Trump’s first 100 days either.

Keep stacking your gold and silver coins, especially now since prices recently pulled back. You can accumulate more gold and silver with less sheets of paper money. Buy the dips.

Politicians from both parties continue to believe and behave as if there won’t be consequences for spending money that is borrowed, rather than generated by hard work and thrift. Foolish.

  • Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's term ends in 2018. Expect much of the same policies there.
  • U.S. Federal debt is now $19.8 Trillion dollars. It grew over $100 Billion in the last month! No sign of it slowing down.
  • Today’s total debt as percent of GDP is 105%. This percentage will continue to get worse before getting better.
  • Politicians didn’t get smarter after the election. They’re going to mistreat your tax dollars the same as they always have. This past October the federal government collected a record breaking $221,692,000,000 in taxes, but still ran a deficit of $44,192,000,000.

And we got record bubbles growing everywhere and ready to pop at any moment. Consider this:

  • Student loan debt. $1.26 trillion
  • Corporate debt. An estimated $29 trillion. "Corporate bond binge that has left many companies more indebted than ever," writes Bloomberg.
  • Auto loan debt. Over $1 trillion, while unpaid subprime auto loans (about a third of all auto loans) hit a 20-year high according to CNN Money.

Will President-elect Trump Save the Economy?

That’s unlikely.

Casey Research founder Doug Casey writes Trump won't do, and can't do, much better than any other politician. Noting that Trump hasn't made any stance to get rid of socialized medicine, repeal Obamacare, or reduce government size or spending in any significant way.

"The fundamentals that plague the US economy remain present and not only is it impossible for him to reverse the pre-existent slide toward economic collapse, it’s not really even a part of the agenda… Under Mister Trump, the US will still see inflation for the US dollar and larger deficits," Casey writes.

Currency Wars and Death of Money author James Rickards calls Trump the 'Helicopter Money President.'

Under his watch, Trump pledged to spend at least $1 trillion on infrastructure and the military. In the long term this would lead to inflation, benefiting gold.

In these uncertain times, precious metals like gold is insurance against inflation.

Keep stacking and buy the dips.

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