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Forget About Trump and Hillary, This is the Real Story the Media Isn't Telling You

Posted by Brock Bowers on

While the "Lame"-stream media runs around reporting the newest Trump or Hillary scandal, they quietly ignore the real story endangering your wealth and buying power. The U.S. government debt passed $19.7 trillion dollars. Up over $200 billion dollars since the last days of September. Is the Obama administration desperately trying to reach the $20 trillion mark before the end of its administration? Total Debt Growth Before 2016 U.S. Elections This is the real story that should be taking over the headlines. Not who's going to be the next clown to sit in the Oval Office. Your way of life is in danger. The national debt, the interest payments on that debt, and the continued overspending by politicians directly impacts your wealth and buying power now. The politicians spend and over spend (using your money) and then they stick you with the bill. When Obama took office in January 2009 the U.S. Government debt was $10.6 trillion. It has nearly doubled since then. Total U.S. Debt in 2009, When Obama Took Office Mathematically, this scenario cannot end well for the average hard working American. There are consequences. The ultra rich and the political class will take care of themselves as they always do. The poor already have nothing. So the real damage will fall on the shoulders of the hard working, middle class. Consider this: ● Today, the total debt as percent of GDP is 105%. ● When Obama took office U.S. debt was 73%. ● In the St. Louis Federal Reserve graph below, you'll see that total debt to GDP has steadily climbed higher and higher. ● It does not matter who sat in the White House, Democrat or Republican. Your money is being wasted. Federal Debt: Total Public Debt as Percent of GDP The point is that politicians love to waste your money, and based on past behavior, they seem completely comfortable driving the bus, with all of us sitting in it, off a cliff. What can you do to protect yourself? One thing that makes sense is to take a position in precious metals like gold and silver coins. Here's why: When a country's finances are a mess, its fiat currency (i.e. paper money) will take a beating. In this case it's the U.S. dollars in your wallet that are getting destroyed. Savvy investors know to trade some of their funny paper money for hard money, real money, like gold and silver coin. In fact, gigantic central banks do the same thing. For the last six years, the central banks of China and Russia have been unloading their FRN (Federal Reserve Notes) in exchange for train loads of gold to fill their vaults. They, along with other central banks are preparing for a financial reckoning and putting themselves in a better position to protect their country and people. Ignore all the scandals and gossip the media is trying to feed you in this presidential race, and focus instead on becoming your own central bank.

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